Thursday, October 16, 2008

musee national du moyen-age (museum of the middle ages), paris

i looked forward to revisiting this out-of-way, low-key gem in the heart of the latin quarter. but, after the trip to the catacombs and the westmallen dubbel at the academie de la bierre, this trip to the museum of the middle ages was a let-down because the vendage tapestries (check out one at the bottom of my blog page) weren't on exhibit. the main attraction, the lady and the unicorn tapestries, however, was still the highlight and, itself, worth the trip.

here are some photos:


CTmarathoner said...

wow -you have crammed in alot in your first few days --those Catacombs are tres cool and tres spooky--hope that Rob, who is born on halloween, sees the photos --too bad they were closed last Jan. but you got some really great photos.. but who do the skeletons belong to?? Does it go back to the middle ages? The beer looks like the perfect October drink AND the lady and unicorn tapestry looks well worth seeing -makes me want to go to the Cloisters -also very did well!!

rundangerously said...

thanks emmy!

sometimes i get hit with a burst of productivity - haha.