Thursday, October 16, 2008

the catacombs of paris

i'd been dying to check out the catacombs (excuse the pun) since january, when i was last in paris. on that trip, we (pat and katie came with me) stayed in the hotel du lion, right next door. the only problem was that the catacombs were closed for 3 months to undergo rennovations.

this time around the catacombs were open for business. after finished up with work and lunch, i walked (primarily to burn off the second dessert i'd eaten) over to the montparnasse district. i had no idea what to expect along the 1.7 kilometers that the catacombs span underground.

so, just in time for halloween, here are some photos of what i saw down there:

the innocent looking facade doesn't betray what lies beneath!

once back above ground, i cleared my head over at the academie de la biere with a quick beer and then moved on to the musee national du moyen-age (museum of the middle ages).

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