Monday, October 27, 2008

giants come from behind, power past steelers in the 4th quarter to win 21-14

in a game that defied quantifiable levels of frustration for giants fans, a momentum changing safety in the 4th quarter tied the score at 14-14 and set up the giants for a come from behind victory over the pittsburg steelers. with just over 6 minutes left in the game, it was their 1st touchdown score - and, despite 2 additional possessions by the steelers - all the giants would need to head home with their 6th victory of the season.

for the first 3 quarters this was an agonizing painful game for giants fans to endure. the giants could not score a touchdown despite 5 trips inside the steelers 10 yard line! instead, they settled for 4 field goals. and, in what was easily the lowest point of the game (how could it get worse?) the giants were stopped on a 4th and inches from the end zone (after having a dubious touchdown call reversed seconds earlier).

still, defensively, the giants sacked roethlisberger 5 times and intercepted him 4 times! that's great football. but the offensive production repeatedly sputtered out when it was needed. in the end, a win is a win - you can't argue with that. the one td they finally scored was all, in the end, that was needed to put the game away :D and, at 6-1, they still sit atop the division.

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UltraBrit said...

It was a little scary at times, but like you said "A win is a win!"