Tuesday, October 14, 2008

100th anniversary of the "great white fleet" exhibit at vanderbilt hall

vanderbilt hall at grand central station has been taken over by the 100th anniversary of the great white fleet exhibit! in 1907 president roosevelt sent out 16 battleships to circumnavigate the globe on a goodwill mission and display of american naval power.

teddy roosevelt set the fleet in motion.

here is an excerpt from the u.s. press release:

"The U.S. Navy commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Great White Fleet in New York Oct. 7 at Grand Central Terminal with the opening of an exhibit that will run through the 2008 Columbus Celebration ending Oct. 17.

"The exhibit - which includes eight-foot models of battleships, artifacts, memorabilia from Sailors aboard the ships and photo displays that tell the story of an American naval mission - highlights aid provided by ships of the Great White Fleet to Italy in 1908 following a devastating earthquake."

i stopped by the exhibit on my way home from work, yesterday, with my camera. i had already visited it last week, again on my way home from work. anyone commuting via grand central should stop by and check it out!

newspaper headlines on the fleets departure.

newspaper headlines of the earthquake disaster in italy.

"When a devastating earthquake followed by a tidal wave hit Sicily and Southern Italy in late 1908, leaving an estimated 200,000 dead, ships from the fleet rushed to provide essential humanitarian aid and services."

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susan said...

Hi Frank...Sorry to be so late in congratulating you on the Ted Corbitt run. My jaw dropped when I read your unbelievable mileage after being sick--good for you! Between that and what you've done since....it looks like you're back with a vengeance. I hope to see you in NYC--until then, have a great fall!