Thursday, October 16, 2008

academie de la biere, paris

after my trip to the somewhat eerie catcombs, the academie de la biere was a welcome above ground respite from all that skeletal strangeness! this particular beer bar has a high falutin' name - and actually reminded me of alan rickman's academie du vin in "bottle shock!" it was more like a corner bar with an incredible beer selection.

i arrived just after happy hour kicked off - 5.5 euros for a pint (12 choices on tap). a bit pricey, but when i looked at the list, one choice jumped off the page - westmallen dubbel brune! so i put down my coin and enjoyed an awesome trappist brew!

me, all smiles - friend in hand.

after this brief stop and pint of great beer, i continued on my way to the musee national du moyen-age (museum of the middle ages).

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