Saturday, October 4, 2008

moroccan food and middle eastern belly dancing at le canard enchaîné

le canard enchaîné restaurant in kingston

last night we had a great time in kingston, celebrating my nephew's birthday! here are some photos, and i'll post a few more later this weekend.

renato, peter, mom, and katie!

katie and peter!

pat and katie.

rosemary and renato

renato, mom, and me

enrico, mom, and katie.

dancer from "twisted tassels" - "gypsies of the middle east!"

their performance was outstanding!!

rosemary joined the fun!

peter blows out some birthday candles!

rosemary and pat, best hitch hiking technique!

not the best way to prepare for a race the next day!


Just_because_today said...

I bet you felt no pain

Meredith said...

ooooh looks like fun!!!!!!!

rundangerously said...

myriam, the martini was fun, but i paid for that one the next morning :D

meredith, not sure what i like more - the food or the dancing!