Sunday, October 12, 2008

the great train race: photos and results

just got back from the great train race - and what an awesome day to be outside running! here are a few pre-race pictures from new canaan. i didn't take my camera with me on the run. but, hopefully, this afternoon roy and anton will email me some of the pictures they took at the finish in wilton, and i'll get those posted as well.

i finished in 51:18. a little off my 2006 time of 49:48, but still faster than the train ride :D will post race report tonight (or tomorrow morning).

here is my (belated) race report.

kate and anton in foreground, as jim processed race day registrations.

anton and kate.


don (fresh from the hartford half marathon yesterday) and kate.

roy's post-race photos.

me and rob.

me, dave and roy.

sean, finishing.

last runner to beat the train into the station!

geoff, sean, and roy.
anton's race photos:

jim, just getting the race underway.

we're off!



sean, rob, me, roy, and kate.
here are the official results from clubct.


CTmarathoner said...

good time for this course and for running 91 miles last weekend. Great photos!! Very sorry to miss my favorite race and friends:( but the photos are the next best thing. Glad that you, don, kate, and rob all made it through in fine shape! and Roy, anton and dave..good job! Thx, oy, for the photos... so the train was slower this year??? did you run back?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to DON on finishing and running the same hills back to the start with kevin, john, scott, ikuko, pete, sharon and dave.

lightfootman said...

thank you mr/ms anonymous. Ferris Hill is a ...... on the way back. Outrageous course. don aka lightfootman

Laura said...

Congrats! That sounds like a cool race too :)

UltraBrit said...

It was a great race. I'm so glad that I decided to run it despite having a little ITB pain from my 22 mile training run the day before! Now it's taper time, not that Frank knows the meaning of the word.

UltraBrit said...

I forgot to friend, Petra Brito was the last one to beat the train. You would have thought she won the race with all the cheering and congrats that she received when she came in to finish.