Friday, October 24, 2008

"run with us" mizuno mobil running tech lab at westchester road runner

yesterday was a two-for-one running related trip to westchester road runner store in white plains. i had to sign-up for the nyc marathon bus (which i could have done via mail). but since mizuno had parked its mobil running tech lab in front of the store, i decided to check out the free running analysis provided (according to the web site) via:

"state-of-the-art 'Precision Fit' terminals. There, consumers are provided an innovative and thorough biomechanical analysis of their foot type and running needs. The 'Precision Fit' procedure determines which type of running shoe best suits the runner’s foot type, running style, and running goals."

so katie and i took part. the 10 minute process involved stepping barefoot on the terminal for preliminary foot measurements, some different leg movements (including squats) to check overall flexibility and, then, a short walk (dozen steps or so?) in front of the van where the technician observed your gait in motion. the process was pretty cool - especially the skeletal overlay displayed on the terminal to analyze the leg axis!

the most surprising result was that i was given a measurement one full-size larger than my regular shoe size (and katie's was 2 sizes larger)! even more surprising, when i tried on the 10.5 "wave creation" shoes the technician recommended - they fit just fine! but since i'm a die-hard new balance fan, doubt i'll be making that switch-over any time soon.

we each took home a free mizuno "dryscience" tech shirt, along with an individualized report of the analysis results, for stopping by. pretty neat.

the lab, open for testing!

katie took this photo, with me down at the other end.

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