Tuesday, October 28, 2008

liz robbins, "a race like no other: 26.2 miles through the streets of new york" book signing

what a great kick-off to marathon week! i stopped at the corner bookstore on my way home from work last night for liz robbins' book signing at the corner bookstore. what an intimate space to hold the reading and book signing for "a race like no other: 26.2 miles through the streets of new york" - and only 3 blocks from the new york road runners building.

dave obelkevitch directly in front of me, as we listened to liz's reading.

the audience had not only family members, fans, friends - but a one of the personalities she covered in the book: marathon streaker (in this context, clothed and running an unbroken string of marathons) dave obelkevich, who has run every nyc marathon since 1976 - when in left the confines of central park and became a 5-borough event! he has only one other peer in that category, tucker anderson. this weekend they will line up for their 33rd consecutive nyc marathons. makes lining up for my 7th consecutive one pale by comparison ;)

in addition to reading selected portions of the book, liz also gave us a look behind some of the characters, including some the time she spent with henrick ramaala in south africa and pam rickard in virginia. she confessed - despite all her years involved in sports (both playing and covering) - that she's only run 5 miles of the course (on first avenue). the rest mileage was covered via the media bus. this detail may change next year when. knees permitting, she may line up for the 2009 edition!

this photo of us was taken by her wonderful dad!

if at all possible, stop by her next book signing tomorrow night at the ny running company at columbus circle. i just started the book, on chapter 5 of the 26.2 chapters, and will post a book review next week. but so far, it's a great read!


Carboman said...

Have a great race this Sun!

rundangerously said...

thanks carboman!

are you doing the friendship run on saturday morning?

Carboman said...

yes i will! will be meeting some forum folks at the Team Boomer booth at the expo @ 11am on Fri. Perhaps i can catch you there! btw got linked up to you again thru roy.

Just_because_today said...

I ran NY only once. It was supposed to be for fun, run side by side with my best friend. We wanted our picture taken crossing the finish line. Well, that picture was not good, so we didn't buy it. The race was okay but not what we anticipated it to be. I look forward to run it again

Laura said...

Wish I had known about the book signing, but I'll definitely pick up a copy of that book - it sounds great!

rundangerously said...

carboman, let's try to meet up at the friendship run.

myriam, are you going to be at mile 20 cheering us on?

laura, liz robbins is be making various appearances at the expo this week. maybe you can catch here there?

Carboman said...

i was informed that there's a stage (i'm not sure how many there are or where precisely) but that's what i've been told to gather. so if it makes any sense to you, i hope to see you there!