Thursday, October 30, 2008

"climate change" exhibit at american museum of natural history

yesterday my day started at the american museum of natural history. i wasn't there for the climate change exhibit, primarily, but i did get to check it out. the title of this post should actually read: "selected conflicts, confidentiality and criminal liability issues in estate planning," presented by stephen gillers. while i found this infrequent opportunity to be in an audience listening to a lecture - rather than giving one - relaxing (of all things) and very informative, i doubt too many non-trusts and estates professionals would.

but, after the presentation, we were offered a tour of the newest exhibit at the museum: "climate change: the threat to life and a new energy future." while my preference would have been to revisit the dinosaurs - my favorite part of this great institution, i joined the crowd and took the tour. the exhibit loudly announced its political point of view, but it was interesting none-the-less. as if to underscore the politics, this is the exhibit's dire diorama of what new york city may look like if the perils of global warming are ignored:

but, seriously, here is an interesting site that provides some great coverage of the climate change exhibit. and here is the ny times coverage of the exhibit, aptly titled, "apocalypse now, via diorama."

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