Monday, October 13, 2008

joey chestnut wins world pizza eating championship in times square!

the "world pizza-eating championship" took place in times square yesterday - fittingly, on columbus day weekend.

the winner, devouring an astonishing 45 slices in 10 minutes, was none other than joey chestnut - the world's hot dog eating champion (and who successfully defended that title this summer at nathans famous on coney island)!

"'I might be on a liquid diet tonight,' the 24-year-old San Jose, Calif., construction manager said through a grin."

but don't think it was a slice of cake (ha)... the second place finisher wasn't too far behind him, with 43 slices eaten - which, in turn, was just a notch above 3rd place (41 slices)!!

check out the excellent photo gallery at the daily news!


Just_because_today said...


Runner Tammy said...

Wow...were you in the audience? That would be so awesome. One day when ultra-running is no longer possible I might think about competing in this type of contest. I think I am small enough to be dismissed but I think I could train hard and eat about 4 slices!

Scott said...

That's crazy!

Michael said...

Is there any good pizza in Times Square? Was it from Olive Garden?