Tuesday, September 9, 2008

scarsdale friends of the library book fair: revisited

in my small way, i promoted international literacy day yesterday. a quick side trip to the strand annex - which was scheduled to close at the end of august, but given an extra month breathing room - before class. then i took katie over to the library book fair at the end of the day.

the visit to the strand - well picked-over after a summer-long "everything must go" sale - yielded no purchases (even w/everything in the store at 50% off). but katie did find a few books she liked at the book fair - and i added two more rock biographies to saturday's list ("tommyland" and "dylan's chronciles"). i don't know why, but it seems like my reading list is top heavy w/music and entertainment these days!

i'm currently reading "lennon in america: 1971-1980, based in part on the lost lennon diaries." which i found saturday, at the book fair.

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johnking said...

Anemia?!?!?! what what? Hope everything is well Frank and you get on the road to recovery!