Friday, June 27, 2008

strand annex downtown: construction and rent increase force doors to close!

what a major blow to downtown bibliophiles! the front page of the new issue of "downtown express" reports that strand books will close its downtown annex on fulton street at the end of august. the one-two punch of long-term construction effecting the flow of street traffic to the store and a landlord seeking a 300% increase in rent spelled its doom!

while the main store in greenwich village, and kiosks that dot the city landscape, are unaffected, downtown residences will surely feel the loss this fall. the strand had maintained a downtown annex for 12 years. it was big news for those of us who trekked up to the village to browse "the 18 miles of books" when the strand announced its downtown "expansion." i remember the original location at the north side of the south street seaport.

the closest bookstore to my office is the borders at fulton street, across from trinity church. while convenient, it certainly has none of the deals found at a used book store, or the ambiance of the strand. what a lonely place that corner of fulton street will be come september.

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Laura said...

Wow, I didn't even know there were multiple Strands... I've always gone to the one on 12th.