Thursday, June 19, 2008

updated race schedule

i updated my race schedule to include some shorter distance events in the lead up to the vermont 100 and the wakefield 24 hour around the lake ultra next month.

this weekend kicks off with the greenburgh mile, a race i've run with katie many times. then, sunday, is a return to the fairfield half marathon, a race i've done only twice in the last 8 years.

the following week is the norwalk summer series 5 miler. the series began last weekend. but i missed the 3 miler because the date conflicted with the unisphere ultra. last summer i missed all 5 races, and the half marathon, because of schedule conflicts and business travel. this summer, i'll also run the 7 miler, but the same conflicts and travel plans prevent me from doing the others. a far cry from 2005 and 2006, when i did the complete series.

july is the big summer month. first off is the putnam county classic, which is emmy's debut as a race director! she's worked hard, along with her co-director, lee, for the last couple of months to put together a great event! if you can't run it, volunteer! if you can't run it or volunteer, talk up the event and get your friends to run it (or volunteer)!

then another great race, the waveny xc 2-person relay, which katie and i will once again team up to run! but because of travel plans, katie will have to miss the women's distance festival 5k, that weekend - an erstwhile staple of her summer running!

the big question mark of the month is the nyc half marathon. i'd like to run it on behalf of the world lung foundation. but i'd have to drive home from wakefield, ma, the night before (at the conclusion of the 24 hour run). as it stands now, i'll be there to support the wlf team at the start and finish. however, if we don't fill all the charity slots by race day, i may put on a bib and run it for the team!

the other question mark is whether i can fit the joe kleinerman 12 hour run into my plans. i have to fly out either late saturday night, or on sunday. i'm trying to arrange my travel plans around the sunday flight so i can do the kleinerman run. hopefully, the flight plans will be finalized over the next few weeks.

more on the individual races as the dates approach.


AnthonyP said...

Greenburgh Mile sounds cool.

Scott said...

Man, you run a lot of races! That's awesome!!

CTmarathoner said...

any races in parks with the ferocious red-winged oriole??? what about the gay and lesbian pride run -did you decide in favor of Don's race? That would be so cool if you could run for 12 hours before getting on a plane...or maybe you'd be alittle stiff on the plane...oh my -have to remind Francoise about the relay!!!

Pam said...

See you in Fairfield this weekend and looking forward to running with your team at the NYC 1/2. Keep up the good work!

DawnB said...

nice schedule Frank. I'll be in Fairfield on Sunday,

rundangerously said...

anthony, the 1 miler is right at the hartsdale train station! maybe you'll be able to make it?

thanks scott - it's the only way i know how to stay out of trouble!

emmy, norwalk was the ONLY choice for that weekend!

pam and dawn, see you guys on sunday - emmy will be there too!

Laura said...

Is it possible/easy to get to the Putnam County Classic from Manhattan without a car?

rundangerously said...


i passed your question on to emmy. maybe trrc can plan to meet some runners at the train station and car pool them over to the race?