Sunday, June 22, 2008

fairfield half marathon (and 5k) photos and results

john, me, bekkie, and joe.

me and joe.

emmy, cindy, and john.

bekkie, joe, emmy, and craig in forefront
(with members of silk city striders).

marty, john, and emmy.

rob, monica, marty, and emmy.

pam and emmy.

eric, emmy, and me.

craig and emmy.

me, mark, and gregg.

results for the half marathon.

results for the 5k.


CTmarathoner said...

great pix --Becky and Joe and Craig came a long way for this race!! Congrats to mark in the 5K...

AnthonyP said...

Well done camera man.

Pam said...

Thanks for the cool pics. Great seeing you today!

Scott said...

Looks like some good times...

DawnB said...

Very nice pictures wonderful to see so many familiar face!!!

Meredith said...

looks nice! i wanna go to the beach now :)

rundangerously said...

thanks everyone! i'm getting hooked on taking pictures :D