Saturday, June 7, 2008

nyrr new york mini 10k photos and results

hilda and madi

hilda crossing the finish

deena getting draped in the flag

magdalena and blake

hilda draped in flag

sue, cptc

sue, moving comfort

emmy, trrc

cooling down

debbie, kate, cathy and emmy, trrc

emmy and bea

barbara and lee, trrc

sue and emmy (moving comfort/trrc)

emmy and joan (trrc/moving comfort)

official results at nyrr.


CTmarathoner said...

great photos -thankfully most of them pre-race. At your next NYRRC, think I will take pics from th sidelines while you sweat it out. The TRRc ladies will enjoy these!

rundangerously said...

thanks emmy! taking pictures definitely easier than running ;)

Julie said...

Hi, run (if I may) -- the photos were too good *not* to link to, so it's my pleasure. In the Groucho Marx model, I don't belong to any clubs up here -- but I am acquainted with Joe Garland ( who was heavily involved in Sound Shore, although he recently left to rejoin Warren Street.

rundangerously said...

thank julie.

i met joe at a couple of races, when he was w/sound shore. two former wtc runner moved over to sound shore, and i went from wtc to taconic.