Sunday, June 8, 2008

end of week training update

a quick summary of my last three training runs for the week.

the "need for speed relay" was cancelled this afternoon, literally as emmy was about to hand off the baton to me at the exchange point! but more on the relay later. i ran 3 more 6 milers on friday, saturday, and sunday. the weekend runs were in 90+ degree temperatures and high humidity - each was a struggle to finish! i also ran the 9/10ths of a mile to the exchange point and then ran home (with katie), after the race was cancelled. that's 19.8 miles for the 3 days, and 31.8 for the 7 day week. i may put in a few more miles tonight.

here are the splits for the 6 miler this morning - the highlight of which included seeing all the "need for speed" course markers posted on the roads!

7:42 15:30
7:38 23:08
7:50 30:58
8:30 39:26
8:33 47:59

7:59 pace

i didn't record the time for each 9/10th to and from village hall (the exchange place).

the highlight of yesterday's 6 miler was the canadian geese, which had wandered from the library's reflecting pond onto the road.

7:52 15:54
7:36 23:30
7:37 31:07
8:11 39:18
7:56 47:14

7:52 pace

friday's 6 miler (and thursday's as well) was amazing because of the dozens of chipmucks which swarmed onto the sidewalk along the post road. normally i see a handful (3-4) during an entire run. for some unexplained reason, they were out in force these 2 days.

7:46 15:54
7:32 23:26
7:31 30:57
8:04 39:01
7:27 46:28

7:45 pace


DawnB said...

I know what you mean about struggle this weekend!! you did good dispite. Great photos

AnthonyP said...

Sorry you didn't get to run your leg at NFS.

nyflygirl said...

I was another one whose NFS team got stopped short!! They called it while our runner was still out on leg 8...and guess who had leg 9?
Bummer that you didn't get to run your leg-I'm sure you were looking forward to it.

rundangerously said...

thanks dawn!

thanks anthony! welcome home!

nyflygirl, i was just about to start leg 8 (emmy was came into the exchange) when they stopped the race - arrgh!