Monday, June 30, 2008

run your city on-line book club: "ultramarathon man" by dean karnazes

this weekend i got an email from ryan, of runyourcity, which announced the start of his on-line book club. "read along with other runners and have an in depth online discussion about various running books."

"ultramarathon man: confessions of an all-night runner" by dean karnazes is the first selection. the first 10 chapters will be discussed this week, followed by the second 10 chapters (and remainder) of the book, next week.

check out the discussion and, as ryan writes, "introduce yourself and voice your opinion and share a few stories of your own."

i'm in! but, just for the record, i've already read "ultramarathon man" twice - and planned on reading it once again before the vermont 100 next month :D

there are two "new" running books on my summer reading schedule: "my life on the run: the wit, wisdom, and insights of a road racing icon" by bart yasso, and "what i think about when i talk about running," by haruki murakami. but i'm getting ahead of myself...


Pam said...

Just read Yasso's book ... not nearly as good a read as Dean's. I read through it all ... but didn't get much out of it. Happy to pass it along if you're interested. I can bring it on Friday.

rundangerously said...

thanks pam... amazon already delivered my copy :( but will bring "running through the wall for you!: