Saturday, June 21, 2008

beat and beyond: photographs by allen ginsberg

after the greenburgh one mile fun run this morning, emmy and in went to see the "beat and beyond: photographs by allen ginsberg" exhibit at the samuel dorsky museum of art at suny new paltz.

i'm a big fan of the beats, and ginsberg in particular. most of the photos on exhibit are very familiar images of the beat generation. the surprise comes from the realization ginsberg, himself, was the photographer!

a view of the corridor gallery housing the exhibit.

emmy and allen.

before we arrived at the museum, we stopped for lunch and a couple of beers at the gilded otter brewing company. the two specialities we tried from the beer menu were excellent:

new paltz crimson lager (sweet malt flavor with a delightful hop aroma and finish).

huguenot street american lager (a light body and delicate flavor, similar to domestic pilsner).

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