Wednesday, June 11, 2008

heat acclimatization is the name of the game

okay, while westchester isn't technically a desert, the last few days of 90+ degree temperatures have made it seem as if it were. today, after 4 straight 90+ degree days, running in only 83 degrees seemed positively chilly! but, hopefully, the miles i logged in this intense, compressed heatwave will pay some dividends this weekend at the unisphere 100k. here are my splits for the last 3 days:

monday, 4 miles (93 degrees):

8:14 16:35
8:18 24:53
7:55 32:48

8:12 pace

tuesday, 6 miles (96 degrees):

8:05 16:29
7:48 27:17
7:38 31:55
8:23 40:18
7:57 48:16

8:03 pace

wednesday, 6 miles (83 degrees):

8:01 16:39
7:42 24:21
7:45 32:06
8:11 40:17
7:36 47:53

7:59 pace

that makes a total of 16 miles for the 3 days. tomorrow night i may head over to waveny park in new canaan for the weekly summer xc series. regularly held on tuesday nights, the race was rescheduled because of the high heat and humidity. on friday night i'll head over to tods point in greenwich to run the cook your buns 3 miler with my daughter.

the main event, the unisphere 100k, flushing meadow park in queens, is saturday.


Divaleh said...

You're a better man than I. After the mini, I couldn't bring myself to run in the sweltering heat (nor wake up at 4 am to avoid it)...

rundangerously said...

thanks staci! are you going to be in queens for the unisphere 50k this weekend?

johnking said...

goodluck this weekend! As long as you are young at heart and like a nice cold microbrew you're always a class act in my book!

Sub said...

Thanks for the links to the NYCM reports Frank - I enjoyed reading them! I guess there is a reason why folks say that the course is tougher than it appears... I'll probably read your report again before the marathon :)

I think you live somewhere around where my sister stays (she's in Valhalla near White Plains).

Good luck at the 100k! Reading about the heat you guys are running through makes me thankful for the 50F temps here in WA...

Just_because_today said...

I haven't run in a week. I went into the hospital as the heat wave started but I don't recommend that tatic to avoid the heat!
Good luck on the 100K. I'll start training for the ultra you recommended for me.

Pam said...

Frank - best of luck this weekend. Kick butt! Thank goodness its this weekend and not last ... 100K or 100M or 100 anything in that heat would have been no fun!

rundangerously said...

thanks john!

thanks sub!

thanks myriam! i'm so glad it wasn't life-threatening stuff!

thanks pam!