Monday, June 2, 2008

nipmuck trail marathon: photos and results

barbara, emmy, rob, and sarah

here is my race report.

check out more photos on emmy's blog!
and even more race photos at printroom!

and the official race results.

here are some photos from the 2009 race.


CTmarathoner said...

I notice that sarah has a stone cat shirt on! Too bad Rob didn't get a birch bark log -think I will give mine to him. Am proud of you for finishing in 5:22 -an awesome time -with torn and used shoes seems like everyone made it through without injury -
I enjoyed hearing about Barbara's 6-day race too!

Scott said...

That's cool you got some pics of the gang. I forgot my camera...

AnthonyP said...

Great pics. Wish I could have been there.

Dusty said...

Loving all the posts and pictures - looks like such a great time!

Congrats on your time - Fantastic!!

Scott said...

I'm not doing any other local races before VT. However I got a couple of people together to do 50 miles on a local rails to trail on Jun 21st. It was supposed to be the course of the Hartford North Face 50 last year which got cancelled. Seems like NF went to the extreme opposite in New York - unfinishable. The Hartford course is flat straight and on a gravel path! Anyway, if you're interested...

rundangerously said...

thanks emmy!

thanks anthony! the pictures of the fish you guys are hauling in up there in the canadian wilderness are awesome!

thanks dusty!

thank scott! funny thing about that very weekend. barabara told us about a trail marathon in pleasant valley, ny, sunday, 6/22!

not much info about it, but here is the link: