Thursday, June 5, 2008

mid-week training update and a look ahead to the weekend

since the nipmuck trail marathon on sunday, i've only gotten in two training runs of 6 miles each. plus, i wimped out of a nyrr race for the second time in as many weeks! i woke up at 4:15 wednesday morning to the sound of heavy rain beating against my windows and couldn't drag myself out the door and drive into the city for the 50th anniversary run! while it didn't help matters that i had gotten home just after midnight from the b-52's concert at radio city music hall, i would've made a go of it if the weather had cooperated. so i'm still stuck at 6 scored races (and have satisfied the volunteer requirement), for the time being.

sunday is the "need for speed" 50 mile relay from bear mountain to new rochelle. there are 9 legs of various distances. my team, "trying to catch the wind," has 9 members - 7 of whom are women (i had to get permission from my wife to join this team - haha). emmy, anthony and kristen are the only team members i know. i'm looking forward to meeting the rest this weekend - especially the team captain, pam, who has done a remarkable job organizing our team's participation.

another reason i'm excited about the relay is i get to run a portion of my leg with my daughter, katie! i run leg 8 (3.7 miles), which not only runs through my neighborhood, but will, literally, go right past my house. katie will run with me to that point, and then i'll continue on to meet pam at the final exchange point. more on the relay this weekend.

here are the splits from my 2 training runs. tuesday:

7:49 15:42
7:25 23:07
7:23 30:30
8:07 38:37
7:54 46:31

7:45 average

and, this afternoon's run:

7:57 16:08
7:35 23:43
7:45 31:28
8:15 39;43
7:48 47:31

7:55 pace


Pam said...

Thanks Frank! It has been a pleasure working on pulling Team Trying to Catch the Wind together. I am very lucky to have you, Anthony, Emmy and the rest of the gang on my team. I've got a lot I can learn from all of you!

Sub said...

Congrats on the niptuck! It sure sounds like a difficult course but I guess you're used running stuff like this. Have fun at the relay - especially running with Katie...

Thank for your message on my blog. Sure - we should meetup at some point during the NYCM weekend. There will probably be multiple meetups of the folks at the forum too...

AnthonyP said...

Great you ever slow down ?

See you Sunday.

rundangerously said...

thanks pam and anthony! see you guys tomorrow!!

thanks sub! nycm '08 going to be a blast!