Wednesday, June 4, 2008

cyndi lauper's true colors tour at radio city music hall

last night pat, katie and i went to see cyndi lauper's true colors tour at radio city music hall. there is no small irony in not staying for lauper's set because the program was filled with so many performers that she didn't take the stage until almost 11 that night! we did see her on stage during the intermission, when she rallied the audience to make its voice heard and partipate in the political process. but, truth be told, we were there to see the b-52s! the rest of the night was a bonus!

cyndi during intermission. at the risk of dating myself, in 1980 i was saw cyndi lauper when she was the lead singer for the band, blue angel! she was great then, and still great all these years later. last night she played up a thick new york accent for the crowd during her get out the vote pitch, which ended with her introduction of a brief video. but she came back on-stage minutes later to correct a misstatement she made (about voting for president on-line). "i've gotten ahead of myself," she apologized. "we can vote for american idol on line, but not for president of the united states yet."

we got to our seats at 7:30, just in time for the indigo girls. katie and i took the metronorth in, while pat met us at radio city after work. we missed the cliks performance, which kicked off the evening at 7. carson kressley ("queer eye for the straight guy") was the flamboyantly over the top mc between performances.

regina specktor, was a one-woman wonder with her off-beat and incredible performance. initially she came off as an edgier version of suzanne vega. but her incredible one handed percussion skills, while simultaneously playing piano with the other, were mesmerizing! and she tossed in quite a bit of scat and vocal gymnastics when she sang, either a cappella or self- accompanied.

kate clinton. the highlight of her comedy skit. introduced to ted kennedy just after he endorsed obama. "how are you doing?" he asked me. "how do you think i'm doing? i'm a 60-year old white woman, with a last name clinton!"

rosie o'donnell with a great set. definitely made headlines referring to her time on "the view" as time spent in a women's prison movie!! but she also talked poignantly about the impact of her mother's death when she was 11 years old. my only regret of the night in having to miss cyndi lauper's set, was missing rosie play the drums and sign back-up vocals with lauper!

stayed tuned for my post on the b-52's awesome set last night!

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johnking said...

my lil sister is a big Indigo Girls fan...there not too shabby but can't hold a candle to Rock Lobster...

rundangerously said...

john, indigo girls set was good (all acoustic, actually), but mellow compared to the other acts.

the b-52's ROCKED!!