Saturday, June 28, 2008

pictures at an exhibition: emmy's paintings exhibited at the cos cos library

apologies to mussorgsky and elp, but it's the fitting title to the fantastic exhibit of emmy's paintings now on display at the cos cob library in greenwich! and, even greater news, the show was expected to close on monday, but its stay has been extended for a few more weeks!

after the norwalk summer series 5 miler this morning, emmy took rob and me on a guided tour of her paintings. these photos hardly do them justice. if possible, go see her artwork in person!

rob and emmy.

a wrap around view.

the wrap around view, continued.

portrait (oops, photograph) of the artist.


Anonymous said...

The only apology that's due is from ELP to Mussorgsky! lol

Good to see you & Emmy this morning, even if the race felt like it was held in a sauna.

Emmy has talent, she should pursue this.

Ronster said...

Cool. So Emmy's an artist-ultra gal. I'm a composer-marathoner, so I'm not alone! Good for looks great.

rundangerously said...

rob, you're right about elp - but at least they give us great album covers!

ron, you artists rock (there's a pun in there, but i can't figure out how to combine it w/classical music)!