Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"mad men" wins peabody award

yesterday the 2007 peabody awards were presented at the waldorf-astoria here in new york city. among the award winners was "mad men," the amc critically acclaimed series about the rough and tumble world of madison avenue advertising men. coming off its first season, mad men won the golden globe for best drama, and its lead, jon hamm, took home the golden globe for best actor!

so why i am a writing about this on my erstwhile blog about running? well, the creator of mad men, matt weiner, was in town to accept the award and our wives, linda and pat, were college roommates. in conjunction with the awards ceremony, there was a premiere of the first episode of season two at the museum of modern art last night. linda invited pat to go to the screening with her.

so stay tuned, later today i'll post some of pat and linda's photos from the event.

check out this great blog about mad men!


Anonymous said...

I am not a runner... but I am a Mad Men maven. My sister and I co-author a blog, Basket of Kisses, dedicated to the brilliant series. (which Weiner loves, he told us personally!)(the blog, I mean.)
Anyway, I am oozing jealous, and will stop in for pictures, but don't want to hear a word about the episode.
Congrats to your night of coolness!

rundangerously said...

roberta, pat gets to do the cool stuff - and i get to run the races ;)

she won't post any detaila about the episode - they were swore to secrecy!

what a great blog you and your sister have! i added a link to it in the text!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage! And cheers to Pat; we are Linda fans based on having seen her and hearing the wonderful props her husband gives her.