Sunday, June 1, 2008

nipmuck trail marathon update: rr and photos to follow

death by trail shoes? what my new balance looked like at the end of the day!!

just got home from the nipmuck trail marathon in ashford, connecticut. what a long day it's been. i left the house just after 5 this morning, met emmy at 5:30, rob at 5:50, arrived at the race just before 7:30, we ran the race, and i walked back in the door just after 6 tonight!

the very short version of the race: i finished in 5:22 - despite the self-destruction of my trail shoes during the second out and back portion of the course. emmy finished a minute ahead of me, in 5:21. despite our similar finish times, we only ran the last 3-4 miles of the race together! rob, unfortunately, had a bad day. intestinal problems kept him out on the course for 6 and a half hours!

the roll call of runners included, among others: jill and joe (who only did the first out and back portion of the course), barbara, and sarah (who was at pineland farms with us last weekend). there was a lot of post-race socializing - and rob, bless his soul, had a small cooler filled with sam adams to rehydrate with :D

more later...

here is my race report.


Scott said...

Man, you're quick with some info on your blog! Wow, long day! That's some dedication to trail running! Bummer about your shoes! Sucks to have gear problems. Great job pushing through with a bum wheel!

I saw you on the course, not sure if you knew that was me. I was coming back from the last turn as you were heading out. I couldn't hang around too long after the race as I had to zip home. Would have liked to have met you and you gang and rehydrated with good 'ole sam!

Looking forward to your rr. (I'll probably post a rr tomorrow.)

Pam said...

Congratulations to you and the whole gang. I look forward to trying to tackle the 1/2 next year with you guys. Who knows ... maybe I'll even be brave enough to try the full! (not)

Meredith said...

holy cow! those are some beat up shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job on another good race :)

rundangerously said...

definitely recognized you scott! you were flying out there! can't wait to read your rr!

thanks pam! see you this weekend!

thank meredith!

john said...

Good!! I just come back from a marathon and my dad gifted me a pair of New Balance running shoes.