Saturday, May 31, 2008

thoughts on the nipmuck trail marathon

the unique nipmuck finishers award.
tomorrow is the nipmuck trail marathon. i'm looking forward to revisiting this race, but can't say the same thing about the drive to get there in time for the 8 a.m. start. i need to set get up at 4:30, leave here just after 5 and meet emmy at 5:35, then we'll pick up rob at 5:50, and make the the hour and forty minute drive to ashford together.

the somewhat ambitious post-race plan i had to drive over to fdr state park for the north country news 5k, has been officially shelved. i was outvoted by emmy and rob, 2-1, thursday night when we went to the dso concert in westbury. no second race, just plenty of old-fashion socializing. it will be a long day, regardless, when the combined travel and race times are considered.

last year race conditions were wet and muddy - here is my 2007 race report. despite the possibility of a thundershower late this afternoon, the course should be relatively dry for the race. my time goal is to finish in less than 5 hours.

2007 post-race shot of the back of our legs (taken with emmy's water-logged camera): joe, bekkie, emmy, and me

check out emmy's blog for photos of us facing forward : D

to wrap up my training week, in addition to the pair of six milers i ran on wednesday and thursday, i added an additional 6 miles yesterday and 4 more today.

here are friday's splits:

7:52 16:08
7:17 23:25
7:15 30:40
7:56 38:36
7:33 46:09

7:41 pace

and saturday's splits:

7:52 15:53
8:02 23:55
7:41 31:36

7:54 pace

which is a total of 22 miles over the 4 days leading up to the race.


AnthonyP said...

Good luck !

Laura said...

I think there are a bunch of ARE members going to that. Good luck!

peter said...

That looks like a cool medal. I love the paint slashmark, nice touch. Good luck. (You're probably finishing or finished already.)

DawnB said...

Good luck and have fun today

rundangerously said...

thanks anthony! i still wish i was in canada doing some fishing w/you guys!!

thanks laura! i think my friend barbara, who also ran nipmuck, may be a member of "are?" i didn't see any "are" singlets yesterday.

thanks peter!

thanks dawn!