Sunday, May 18, 2008

rr: accelerate your life 5k

this morning i drove to rowayton, connecticut, for the "accelerate your life" 5k. the race was a fundraiser to benefit the brien mcmahon high school junior navy rotc - a very worthy cause! it was a lot of fun because i ran the entire course with my good friend john. but, the best part was that john took second in his age group (m60-69). i somehow managed one better, and finished a strong second in the F40-49 age group!! truth is certainly stranger than fiction - haha! the best part, however, was that when i cleared up the mistake with jim, the race director, kate took over my 2nd place position and dawn moved into 3rd place (and gail was, and had been, in first place) - woo hoo!

but i've gotten ahead of myself. this race was, for me, essentially a recovery run, and i had no plan to run it hard. the course was a beautiful tour of the norwalk seacoast, with some amazing vistas along the beach. in a change of routine, i picked up emmy on the way to the race. emmy also was doing today's race as a recovery run. we both expected to see some friends there. we knew john and kate were already registered. and dawn said she would be there. plus, amy, matt, and gail were also at the race. in fact, amy, as it turned out, won the women's race!

the course was a very familiar amalgam of bits from the boston build-up 10k and the norwalk summer series 7 miler, run in what seemed the reverse direction. there were a couple of notable short, steep uphills, but the course was otherwise fairly flat. john and i kept each other company for the entire race. we each finished in just under 26 minutes.

after the race, i went to my car to get my camera. i ran into dawn was heading home and then to church. i'd be right behind her because i had to get home for my daughter's dance recital. but i did want to take a few pictures and do some socializing. someone mentioned that i was 2nd in my age group - which i thought was unlikely because my of result, a 25:56, an 8:21 pace. when i checked the results i found that i had been misclassified - female instead of male. while flattering, it wasn't exactly accurate ;)

next up, the aha wall street 5k!


DawnB said...

I sent a comment today. I could not sign in from work so I post Anonymously. yes it was me.

Ps. could you please delete that pic of me. I'm just not happy with my body image right now. I know its silly but I also hope you understand.



rundangerously said...

no problem! i just took it down. but i still think you look great in all your pictures! :D