Monday, May 19, 2008

a modern song and dance girl!

katie and her dance class in performance!

while i did manage to run a few races, two non-running events were the highlight of my week.

on wednesday night my daughter, katie, had her chorus recital at the middle school. and on sunday afternoon we went to katie's dance recital.

here are a few pictures of the dance recital (circus theme) and chorus:

katie's dance class

post-performance flowers and accolades!

chorus recital (sorry about that bald spot)!

and, for an unobstructed view!

here are some photos from katie's 2009 dance recital!


soleslide said...

That bald spot photo takes the cake :) And all the best for the 100 miler man. That takes balls!

soleslide said...

I caught it on CNN a couple of days after it happened. I was holidaying in Pattaya and totally out of touch. Sad :( These animals ought to be lined up and hanged! Fact is that we have 2 big terror factories to our East and West. OK, this is not a political blog and I won't add that element here. Especially on a happy post of yours :)

DawnB said...

Your daughter is adorable!! congratulations on sucessful recitals.