Thursday, May 29, 2008

mid-week training and race update

i didn't run on monday and tuesday following the pineland farms trail challenge. yesterday i went out for my regular 6 mile run on the post road and still felt the fatigue from pineland farms.

here are yesterday's splits:

7:50 16:12
7:32 23:44
7:26 31:10
8:01 39:11
7:38 46:49

7:48 pace

this afternoon went back out for the same 6 mile run, without the yesterday's lingering fatigue:

7:32 15:14
7:16 22:30
7:20 29:50
7:49 37:39
7:30 45:09

7:32 pace

tomorrow i'll run another 4-6 miles, followed by 4 more on saturday morning. then sunday is the nipmuck trail marathon! emmy, rob, and i are car pooling up to the race in ashford, ct. the big question is whether or not we drive over to fdr state park after the race, for the mid-afternoon trrc north country news 5k :D

in fact, emmy and rob should be here in a few minutes. we're driving down to westbury, long island, to see the dark star orchestra concert tonight! and, with any luck, we'll also meet up with my good friend paul at the show.

full concert report tomorrow.


Scott said...

Nice 6 milers... You are correct, doesn't look to be as wet at Nipmuck this year. Should be a fun race. See you there...

rundangerously said...

scott, i don't believe in murphy's law, but right after i said it'd be dry - i heard the weather report call for thunderstorms this afternoon! still, can't be as wet as last year!