Saturday, May 17, 2008

healthy kidney 10k photos and results

emmy, sue, me and a few bagels!

taconic men's 60 team!

ruth, and her race baggage!

art, pre-race

post-race, after the results were posted!

here is my race report.

official results at nyrr.


Michael said...

Ruth is the greatest! She is the main reason I show up early.

DawnB said...

do she actually run with all that stuff.

Great seeing you today, hope your daughters' recital went well. I made it to chruch at a respectable time :)

You were taking it easy today and I still couldn't keep up look like you all had a great day at the heathly kidney 10K

rundangerously said...

thanks mike! what's your next nyrr race?

thanks dawn! congrats on getting 3rd place in your age group!

CTmarathoner said...

that photo of Ruth with her pack is priceless! She looks like she is ready to walk across the country.
That is one of the more off-beat moments of the race that you captured!!