Tuesday, May 6, 2008

blind tiger ale house

tonight my friend todd and i went to the blind tiger ale house in greenwich village. our primary objective was to try "louise's famous bloody beer." but tonight was the first of two nights that featured rogue ales and the beers of the pacific northwest on tap. i kicked off my beer tasting with a rogue chocolate stout and after that initial round, we were shocked to disccover that the special bloody beer was only served on weekends!

so moving on to plan (or beer) b, i tried a rouge smoke - a style of beer i was introduced to at captain lawrence brewery. we briefly lamented the inability to try the bloody beer, but on the positive side, it was another reason to return to this great ale house! the time flew by quickly as we reviewed our time at boston, talked about upcoming races and other running related stuff.

we had enough time and the thirst for a third round. for my final selection i went with the classic american amber ale and todd went in the opposite direction with a rogue brutal bitter! then it was time for me to head downtown and meet my wife at the knitting factory in tribeca. we had plans to meet pat's sister, tina, and see the piers lawrence quartet. but that's for another post.

Hedonistic! Ebony in color with a rich creamy head. The mellow flavor of oats, chocolate malts, and real chocolate are balanced perfectly with the right amount of hops for a bittersweet finish.

Rogue Smoke(previously known as Welkommen on draft) is a German style Rauchbier (Smoke Beer), which was inspired by the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Most rauch brews are bottom fermented, however Rogue Smoke, is top fermented. It is orange-amber in hue with a delicate smoke aroma and flavor with an intense hop finish

Tawny amber in color with a coffee aroma and tight head. A delicate roasted malt accent, generous use of hops and a smooth finish

the elusive "bloody beer"

"our version of the Bloody Mary with beer: tomato juice, secret spices, strong ale depending on what's available, usually something strong and malty, aventinus, barley wine, imperial stout or porter, etc, & garnished with the kitchen sink. try one and you'll never go back to vodka!"
UPDATE: we did, eventually, make it back and tried the "bloody beer" - and it was great!!


TeeJay said...

I'm definitely down for a trip back to catch a glass of bloody beer, but I may have to toss the pickle out.

And just a word of wisdom about my 3rd selection last night:
Bitter is Better !

johnking said...

Rogue Dead Guy Ale is in my top 5 beers list...not a big fan of tomato juice and alcohol though. Goodluck this weekend in the race man! I'll know beginning of next week about that job, but my backup is just going back to school to get my doctorate.

rundangerously said...

todd, we have to go back to the old neighborhood to check out "the brazen head!"

john - can you believe that the only beer from rogue they didn't have that night was "dead guy ale!" that was a potential strike two, but everything else was great!

when you get yourself over here for a nyc marathon, we'll do some carbo-loading at blind tiger ale house!

good luck on the job front!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys...
I just found this blog, so my comments will be dated and lame...just like me. Sorry you guys missed the Bloody Beers but due to the fragile ingredients I only can do it on the weekends when the demand is high. To mass produce it -so it is always available – just compromises the quality. And due to the time it takes to make this concoction, we can not do it to order. I would rather you guys not have it, as opposed to having a bad one. I hope you understand... And seeing that you are big time runners, I would love to have you guys try-out the BT runner's club, which is very casual (usually Monday nights – with $1.00 off brews at the end...or the beginning). We love our runners! Regardless, thanks for the support.
Blind Tiger
tigerale@msn.com (if you have questions)

rundangerously said...


thanks for stopping by the blog! it was my first trip to blind tiger - and i loved it (and will be back for sure). todd has been there countless times - but never tried the bloody beer.

look forward to running w/you guys one monday night!