Saturday, May 10, 2008

long island greenbelt trail 50k update: rr and photos to follow

me, anthony and a guy called sam adams ;)

the very short version: a personal worse finish for a 50k - 6:43! despite a strong first half, in fact i was still on pace for a sub-6:00 finish at the turnaround of the second out and back, i was ultimately done in by intestinal issues. i had to go off the trail 4 times - 3 of those within the first 2 and a half hours of the race - for bathroom stops!

but aside from that pesky little pw, the day was still great. i drove down to the race with emmy and rob. we met up with anthony and staci at the start. we got to see fellow b.u.s. members, nick (directing the race), admas, phil and richie (all volunteering). i was pleasantly surprised to see my neighbor, noonie (winner of this race in 2006) and make a new acquaintance, susan (running her very first ultra as a follow-up to boston last month).

and did i mention the post-race beer?

here is my race report and here are the race photos.


AnthonyP said...

Awesome picture !

Meredith said...

ugh, what a long race with intestional issues. NEVER fun. Way to stick it thru and finish! Looking forward to the final RR and pictures :)