Sunday, May 18, 2008

accelerate your life 5k photos, part ll

amy and emmy

candid moment: "getting ready for the group photo"

amy and john.


Black Knight said...

We ran the same distance race, on the same day and for a very worthy cause. But you were a lot faster than me. The other difference? I was not included into the female list!!!!

Jim said...

Hey, I just saw that you'll be at the Wall Street Run tomorrow AND at Pineland Farms. We ought to meet up! Drop me an email if you want to connect at some point:

- Jim

Anonymous said...

thanks Frank, thats because Emmy decided not to cross the finish line :)

Any way I think I'm going to have to start dodging your camera for now.:( I'm just not happy with myself right now.

was a great morning for the race i was a jrotc in high scool and am also ARMY vet. So I will stick with this one for as long at it last.

Dawn B

CTmarathoner said...

this was the most beautiful course -sorry I missed the cool down with John and Amy (as they ran the course again). Thanks for the fun photos.
I think Dawn looks great but understand about the photos (remember sal? he hates having his photo taken)--glad they got a good turnout.
so you scored as a woman?

rundangerously said...

thanks black knight! glad your recovery is coming along!

jim, definitely!

thanks dawn!

thanks emmy!