Saturday, May 3, 2008

brooklyn half marathon update: rr and photos to follow

rob, me and emmy just after the finish -
in front of the baggage buses at prospect park

the three of us, emmy, rob and i, went to brooklyn for the half marathon this morning. i've almost lost count of how many times i've lined up for this one, my favorite road race. emmy's run it a few times herself. but, it was rob's first brooklyn half marathon!

except for an annoying little headwind on ocean parkway, it was a great day for racing. emmy finished in 1:35, i came in next at 1:39, and rob was right behind me in 1:40.

full details and photos posted later this afternoon. here is link to nyrr official results.

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DawnB said...

Congratulations on a another finish you all did good. I'm starting to loose count of the races as wall, life is good :)