Sunday, May 4, 2008

training recap for the week

with all the things going on, i hardly had time to mention my training for the week. i found an on-line running log, "running ahead," to store my training information - and have started to experiment with it. i doubt, however, that it will replace my primative record-keeping anytime soon (manually recording my split times in the training log). but it is fun to play around with.

i did 3 runs in the 5 days that lead up to the brooklyn half:

tuesday: 6 miles/47:43/7:58 pace
thursday: 6 miles/44:26/7:25 pace
friday: 6 miles/47:37/7:57 pace

then, saturday, was the brooklyn half marathon: 1:39:38/7:37 pace

today, in full-blown recovery mode, i ran 6.2 miles in 51:12, an 8:16 pace. for a major change of pace, ran the 4th and 5th miles on the high school track. no semblence of speed, just to get reacquainted with 400 meter laps.

that tallies up to 37.3 miles for the week. almost makes me want to head back outside for another 3 miles to bump up the total to 40 miles.

but, tonight i want to update my racing schedule for the next couple months. i have a few races lined up for may and june. probably the biggest race in may, aside from the long island greenbelt trail 50k next weekend is the pineland farms trail challenge 50k at the end of the month. june is still a tough call because two races i'd like to run, the unisphere 100k and the laural highlands 70.5 mile trail run are both scheduled for the same day. yikes - some tough decisions will have to be made.

stay tuned.


Kevin said...

dude, u r wayyyyy fast. wayyy fast. my fastest half-mary is only 1:48 and it looks like you can run those on the tail end of a whole marathon. The half mary is my favorite race and one day i hope to run one in the Big Apple.

Just_because_today said...

decisions, decisions...choose one and enjoy it knowing that you can run the other one next year.
I am like Kevin. Your times blow me away!

DawnB said...

I've been considering an Ultra for the last couple of years now. My 20th marathon today and I still can't see beyond them. Hopefully you and Emmy will help me decided real soon. Nice schedule.

Tomas said...

1:39 so soon after Boston... you obviously recover fast!

two 50k runs this month... you are mad... and that's the cool part!

AnthonyP said...

Hey hey....GB Trail - see you there. Can you say car pool ?

rundangerously said...

kevin, give us a heads up when you'll be in nyc! you can find a half marathon going on up here almost every month!

thanks myriam! thanks dawn! see both you guys in norwalk this weekend! plenty of ultras to check out in nyc area. no problem in finding a good "first" one. in fact, the turkey swamp 50k, mid-august in nj, is a great one!

thanks tomas!

anthony, see you saturday!