Wednesday, May 7, 2008

mid-week training update

this morning i ran 6.2 easy miles, two of which were again on the track. i'm adding those mid-run miles on the track to get reacquainted with the cadence of running laps, because in a few weeks i'd like to start doing intervals again.

on monday i went to the dentist and had some serious drilling done on my jaw. he inserted the base to which, once healed, the post will be attached. then that post will be be base for my new cap/crown/tooth? i'm at a loss for the proper dental jargon. did i mention that my dentist is a former marathoner? he transmitted his marathon genes to his daughter. a picture of her finishing the nyc marathon is proudly on display in his waiting room! that's my kind of decor!

when the anesthesia wore off at noon, i was in no condition to run for the rest of the day. to be on the safe side, he also prescribed some antibiotics - so have to take 2 pills a day for a week to guard against infection. so no miles on monday. nor did i run any miles yesterday, but for different reasons.

i had originally planned to see the piers lawrence quartet tuesday night after work. but then my friend todd and i made plans to have a couple of beers before the show. that's the same todd i ran more than half the boston marathon with last month. then, at the office, i read that the sports museum of america would have it's dedication ceremony at noon. so i took a walk down to the old customs house at lunchtime to check it out.

i have strongly negative feelings about the sports museum. so much so that i'm loath to even write up the experience. but i'll post something on it later. i've already posted what a great time todd and i had at the blind tiger ale house - and there will definitely be a part two since we have to go back to try a "bloody beer." i also had a great time listening to the piers lawrence quartet at the knitting factory - and a review is forthcoming! but when i got home last night, running a few miles just wasn't in the cards.

so to make up for the back to back zeros entered in my log, decided to run first thing in the morning. did i mention this was also my way of burning off all those excess hops and alcohol vapors lingering in my system from those pints of rogue ale - haha.

here are the splits:

8:05 16:29
7:56 24:25
8:27 32:52
8:09 41:01
8:36 49:36
1:35 51:12

8:16 pace for 6.2 miles.

looking forward, will probably do another 6 miles on thurday and friday - leading up to the long island greenbelt trail 50k on saturday, and the norwalk mothers day 10k on sunday. anthony has already posted a great, must-read, preview of greenbelt on his site. check it out!


Pam said...

Dental implant surgery ... fun, been there done that. Funny coincidence ... I just had my permanent tooth attached to my post yesterday! :) Interesting topic for a running blog. Good luck this weekend! --- Pam

Laura said...

There should be a list of doctors/dentists who are runners. I'd totally patronize them :)

rundangerously said...

thanks pam. somehow all sorts of stuff that happens to me finds its way onto this blog ;)

i'd like to see such list as well!