Thursday, May 1, 2008

2008 law day and race judicata

today is the 5oth anniversary of law day. in 1958 president eisenhower proclaimed the first law day as a "day of national dedication to the principle of government under law." on a professional level, i participate in state bar sponsored activities to promote law day. this year, as in the years past, i will be a speaker for the elder law section's annual decision-making day. but will post more on that next week.

on a running level, however, race judicatas and similar law-themed races spring up at this time of year in connection with law day celebrations. while i don't think that's exactly what president eisenhower had in mind when he signed the first proclamation, it certainly fosters awareness of the legal system.

i love law races (probably because i'm a lawyer). this weekend has a great law day race in darien, connecticut. this year that race conflicts with the rescheduled brooklyn half marathon and i will have to miss it. i've also run law day races in westchester (pace law school) and brooklyn (brooklyn law school).

as an alumnus, the brooklyn law school race judicata is my favorite. the 5k course is one loop of nearby prospect park, and run in the early evening after work. but the darien race is a close second because it's the one i've run most often. the pace law school race i only ran one time - but it's the only race i ever won!


peter said...

You won a race, wow. I won a race once--a two person 2K race that was an adjunct fun run to the real race, a 12K run that was going on. The other guy was glad to see me run it, just as I was glad to see him line up, because it made the race "official." Actually, I knew the other guy and he usually but not always beats me so it actually was competitive. Now I have a PR and a checkmark next to "2K" on my life's list.

Just_because_today said...

not many people must run it for you to win it...kidding ;)
Do I like the law...? do I trust the law is a better question and the answer is more complicated than the question...Running law races is simpler.

rundangerously said...


that also happened to me at a track meet. only 3 people lined up for the 3k. one guy dropped out after a couple laps, then i finished ahead of the other one. it wasn't pretty, but i still count that as a win - haha.


i guess i have to "trust" in the law. but i have more faith in running :)