Monday, May 26, 2008

pineland farms trail challenge photos and results

it's done!

bud, not ipswich - but it's cold!

staci, wayne, emmy, and "jane deere"

carrie and adam finishing!

me, anthony, and meredith (saturday night)

here are the official race results.

here is my race report (w/links to more rr's).

here are a few more race photos (part II).


Jim said...

Hey, sorry I couldn't find you guys up there, but had a blast! You all did great at the 50-mile; I was just glad to lay down in the shade and eat gelato after the 50K. I only had 1 Ipswich, so don't blame me for the shortage! :-)

rundangerously said...

jim, we'll catch you at another race soon enough! i heard you're doing highland sky! what a great race it is. you're going to have a blast down in wv!

Jim said...

any advice for highlands sky? if so, maybe email separately? i'll write to emmy, too. thanks!