Friday, May 2, 2008

sri chinmony self-transcendence 6 and 10 day race 2008

yesterday emmy and i went to flushing meadows park in queens to volunteer at the sri chinmony six and ten day races. last year i also volunteered here, and used that experience to satisfy my service requirement for the vermont 100 endurance run. this year's experience was a little different. aside from having emmy there, we also had a good friend, barbara, running in the 6 day race.

yesterday was the 9th day of the 10 day race and the 5th day of the 6 day race. the 10 day race began last wednesday, april 23, and the 6 day began on sunday, april 27. both races conclude tomorrow at noon. we arrived just after 3 o'clock and, after a short tour of the site, got to work manning the scoreboard. this is what i did last year, so i was familiar with the role.

still, it wasn't easy getting back into the routine on manually switching the last digit on each runners cumulative mileage total. it took a while, and a lot of help from gabriele and his young friend, before we got into the groove. emmy took care of the left side, the 10 day runners, and i worked on the 6 day side

while emmy took this picture, i covered her side of the score board.

barbara and fred, both of whom were at the umstead endurance run in raleigh, north carlonina, last month. barbara did 100k there as part of her preparation for the 6 day race. emmy and fred ran together for a "few" miles at umstead.

emmy and me, cold - but not yet wet (before the rain arrived).

we had original planned on staying for 8 hours, until 11. around 7:30 or so, the overcasts skies finally let down the rain. we continued on until 9, but decided that 6 hours, and the last hour and a half in the rain, was enough for the day.

i will continue this post later in the day, and also have a few more photos i'll post.

but, in the meantime, check out the official race blog, which has a nifty photo of emmy during a break in the rain - her umbrella, still open, in the foreground. at the far right end of the scoreboard, barbara was in second place with 235 miles! woo hoo!

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CTmarathoner said...

nice photos! I am so proud of Barbara (2nd place so far), Fred and Bob (5th so far n 10-day), even though others may think they are totally crazy --it will be really interesting to hear what Barbara thinks of the whole experience.