Monday, May 12, 2008

2007 new york ultra running grand prix series

me, richie, and the award for first place in the m40-44 age group!

on saturday, at the long island greenbelt trail races, emmy and i received our 2007 new york ultrarunning grand prix series awards (somewhat belatedly)! normally, the broadway ultra society has a fun run, brunch, and awards ceremony in january to present the series awards. this year, because of ted corbitt's death in december, the event was postponed until february. unfortunately, i was in india that week and emmy was on martha's vineyard running the 20 miler that weekend.

but, better late than never!

emmy, richie, and the award for second place, overall!

i finished in 6th place, overall, and 1st in the m 40-44 age group. in calculating points for the men, four races are counted. my four scored events for the age group award were: the pioneer memorial 100m trek, 1st place; the staten island and long island 6 hour runs, 2nd place each; and, either the sybil or greenbelt 50k, 3rd place.

in addition to winning her age group, emmy took second place overall. in calculating points for women, three races are counted. emmy's three scored events were: sybil 50k, 1st place; the long island 6 hour run, 2nd place; and, the staten island 6 hour run, 3rd place. for age group purposes, emmy actually was 1st in all 4 b.u.s. races she ran last year!

here are the final series standings.


susan said...

Hey Frank! Thanks for heping me out on Sat...I'm so sorry for your stomach troubles, but sefishly grateful, as it meant that you were in the right place at the right time to set me straight on the trail to the finish. You made the last part of the race fly by--what a godsend! I had such a fun first ultra...and it was even more special because I got to meet you, Emmy, Anthony, Stace, et al all in person! susan

Go Annie said...

rundangerously, congratulations on finishing 1st in your AG and emmy with her 2nd place! the pictures are great. you guys are awesome!!

CTmarathoner said...

ha! Ritchie is wearing his red bowling shirt --how funny is that?
(he was going bowling after the race).

AnthonyP said...

Took you guys a while to pick up your awards...congrats !

rundangerously said...

thanks susan! i enjoyed the run back - what a small world, bear mountain to greenbelt! what's your next race?

thanks annie! love your "welcome to hopkinton" picture :D

thanks emmy!

rundangerously said...

thanks anthony!

peter said...

Congrats on your award. A six hour run on Staten Island. Cool! I wonder where that goes. Over the hills of St. George, perhaps? Down by the piers in Stapleton? Maybe all the way out Victory Boulevard to Westerleigh, where I grew up off Jewett Avenue in "Prohibition Park."

rundangerously said...

thanks peter! that run is multiple loop of clove lakes park. the staten island athlete club also uses that park for its weekly 3 mile fun runs. great spot to run!