Friday, May 23, 2008

the telectroscope: a "tunnel" from new york to london!

a tunnel from new york to london? would you be interested in a slightly used time machine? the telectroscope may be the hippest bit of performance art to coincide with the brooklyn bridge's 125th anniversary celebration!

here is the official telectroscope site.
here is a background story from the new york times.

yesterday i walked over the brooklyn bridge at lunchtime. then i just couldn't resist continuing the walk down to the fulton landing to see the brand new telectroscope in action.

as much fun as it was to see it up close and personal, i had even more fun last night when i drove my daughter and her friends home from their lacrosse game. with a totally straight face i managed to tell them all about the "amazing tunnel that had just opened from new york to. . . ." and that i had seen this marvel with my very own eyes! of course, they refused to believe a word of what i said - what au courant 13 year would?

a view of the "tunnel" from the brooklyn bridge :D

view with the brooklyn bridge in the background.

new yorkers look in and see london, in real time.


johnking said...

We need your June Mileage as a Northerner!! Check out Runners World Letters and Opinions under June Challenge: North vs. South and sign up for the North!

CTmarathoner said...

that is really the coolest concept. What great photos of the Brooklyn Bridge and also the Andy Warhol poster is one I have not seen before.
Never a dull moment in NYC!!!

Michael said...

I led the Prospect Park Track Club to the Telectrocope on Saturday Morning. We spent a few nice moments there with no crowds. Then went back with the family in the afternoon. There were huge crowds, but the drama added to the excitement. My 8 year old twins loved the way it burst out from the ground!

rundangerously said...

john, i'm in!

thanks emmy! you have to go in and check it out in person!

michael, isn't that thing cool! hey, are you going to the 5:30 am nyrr anniversary run?