Saturday, November 1, 2008

the blind tiger ale house: a great "bloody beer"

finally, after 6 months or so, i got a chance to try a "bloody beer" at the blind tiger ale house. ever since todd and i checked out a rogue beer tasting at blind tiger and learned, to our surprise, that these specials were only constructed on the weekends, i've been trying to get there on a saturday or sunday to try one.

well, after the international friendship run this morning, i tried one - and it was definitely worth the wait. i watched johanna, the bartender, construct a portion of the this unusual concoction - the beer part. but, sadly, i didn't pay attention to the two different beers she added to the bloody mary mixture that served as the base. then she went back to the kitchen to add the various accouterments before serving it up!

the wonderful spicy brew was awesome. it was like having brunch in a glass! honestly, if i wasn't running the nyc marathon tomorrow, i would have had a second one!

after i tried this, donna ordered one as well. she and her husband had been to the phil lesh halloween show the night before. in addition to filling us in on the show and setlist, we traded brew house stories. we both thought the ginger man had turned into a yuppie bar - at least weeknights. i'm going to head back there on a weekend to recheck the ambiance. they hadn't heard of rattle & hum, so i put in a good word for that relatively new place.

emmy, al, and donna.

sometime in the near future: a trip down to the other end of bleecker street to check out the beer selection at the seemingly odd joint...

the "peculier pub"

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