Monday, November 3, 2008

giants bury dallas cowboys 35-14

in a score that doesn't do justice to how one-sided this game actually was, the giants took advantage of 4 dallas turnovers and 3 manning touchdown passes to effectively bury any realistic chance that dallas may have had to repeat as division champions this year. without tony romo leading the offense (and it must have been painful for him to have watched this ugly game from the sidelines), dallas was a shadow of itself.

but it was a pleasure to turn on the car radio when i got back to white plains high school after the bus ride back from the nyc marathon and find out the giants were ahead 14-0 in the first quarter. however, the first bit of t.v. coverage i watched when i got home was the dallas recovery of a manning turnover that suddenly put 7 points up for the cowboys - ouch! it looked as if it would be one of those kinda games - ha.

luckily, even though manning turned the ball over once again for another dallas score - the giants kept it together and controlled the game. this loss drops dallas into last place in the division - and make getting back to first place all the more difficult. but that's way too much speculation at this point (half way thru the season). all that matters in the here and now is the game against philly next week!


donvey lindsey said...

cowboys are done , maybe next year

rundangerously said...

one more game w/dallas to go - which romo should be back for! then i'll breath easy :D