Sunday, November 2, 2008

nyc marathon: 2008 photos and results

nyc marathon number 7 is in the books for me. my 3:38:13 was well-off my target of 3:30, but i still had a great time! here are some pre- and post-race photos i took today.

early morning bus at white plains high school.

full house for the ride.

joyce and andy.

yuki and hiro.

todd and me.

walking into fort wadsworth, after security check.

me, hiro, yuki, and emmy.

first stop in athlete village: coffee!

green corral baggage buses.

what a spectacular view!

post-race: me w/nyrr photographer, doug.

post-race: the long march to collect baggage.

exiting central park.

view of family reunion - south on central park west.

view of family reunion: north on central park west.

here are photos from saturday's friendship run.

here are the official results at nyrr.


Ryan said...

Congratulations wish I had made it to the start...looks like a wonderful weekend.


Pam said...

Congratulations my friend. A job well done. Enjoy a few brewskis tonight ... especially since BIG BLUE is winning one for you.

DawnB said...

congratulations Frank nice job.

Laura said...


johnking said...

Giants win, you get your 7th NYC under your belt...sounds like a great day! I just had a DogfishHead Immortal Ale...great but pricey. Schlafly pumpkin ale is a must to try. Oh yea, signed up for Boston 09.

Douglas said...

Congrats on a great time and a great run.

susan said...

Congratulations, Frank!! You did a great job. I'm sorry I didn't get to say hello at all. What a fun day it was!

rundangerously said...

thanks everyone!

john, how funny about the pumpkin ale. had a draft cape ann fisherman's pumpkin ale on the way home from the race! also, last month i picked up a growler of dogfish head punkin ale - great stuff!