Friday, November 14, 2008

jets inch past patriots in overtime, 34-31: take sole possession of first place!

forgive me father, but i've watched two jet games since i had a giants game on the screen! last weekend i caught the jets historic blowout victory sunday afternoon. but i had to miss the giants game sunday night because rob and i went to see the dso concert in peekskill. then, last night, the jets game took over thursday night t.v. (with a brief switchover to the new episode of "it's alway sunny in philadelphia")! and what an intense 60 minutes of football:

the jets opened up a 24-6 lead over the patriots - in foxborough - by the second quarter. then the pendulum swung - it was foxborough, after all - and the jets let new england put up 18 unanswered points to tie up the game in the forth quarter. but, apparently that tie score reignited the offense and the jets marched down the field, and thanks to a ridiculous holding call against the patriots, followed by a legit holding call in the next series, had 3 sets of downs to punch it in for 7 - instead of settling for a field goal.

amazingly enough, that 7 point score wasn't enough to put it away! miraculously, with one(!) second left on the clock, the patriots scored a touchdown. this certainly put a new spin on cliff hanger. luckily, the jets won the overtime toss - and the rest is, as we say, history after grinding down the field and putting the ball through the uprights! awesome. even more awesome, the game took place on new england's very own turf. the jets paid back the patriots, with interest, for the week two loss, and take over sole possession of first place.

now we will so see the inevitable comparisons to the giants creeping out into mild mannered conversation... but let's not get crazy!

speaking of giants, after a self-imposed 48 hours of penance, the planets will realign and world order restored. sunday afternoon, i'll have the right team - and color - back on the screen :D


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Pam said...

Highly disappointed that Gang Green has "graced" the pages of your blog. How true blue are you really? :)