Monday, November 10, 2008

dark star orchestra in peekskill: review, photos and setlist

last night rob and i went to see the dark star orchestra concert at the paramount theatre in peekskill. it was my third dso show of the year and probably the best of the three. the performance topped the awesome show dso put on in westbury last spring, and easily surpassed the somewhat average show dso did at governor's island this summer.

the spookiest thing was rob's uncanny prediction for the opening song! i took the conservative route and thought dso would open with "bertha." rob came back with a long shot, "cold rain and snow!" we were both shocked to hear dso open with "cold rain and snow!"

some highlights included an awesome "peggy-o," "shakedown street," and "promised land" in the first set. the second set, after a short an uninspired drums opened it, was one great number after another (including a monster "drums" coming out of "the other one"). the highlights of the second set was a killer "the other one" and rockin' "sugar magnolia!"

but they were far from done after the second set! the encore brough out donna's counterpart (absent until then since she wasn't part of the original dead show reproduced that night) for "alabama getaway." that ended the original dead show (august 21, 1980) - but was only the beginning of 4 additional songs! dso played "stir it up" and "the weight" as part of the 4 extra tunes - awesome!

here is the complete setlist:

first set:

cold rain & snow
minglewood blues
high time
mama tried >
mexicali blues
it's all over now
easy to love you
shakedown street >
promised land

second set:

drums >
uncle john's band >
truckin' >
the other one >
drums >
the wheel >
uncle john's band >
sugar magnolia

original dead encore:

alabama getaway

bonus material:

lost sailor
stir it up
touch of grey
the weight

next up: phil lesh and friends at nokia this friday night!


rob said...

My call of "Cold Rain and Snow" was one of the spooky things from last night. The other was that the original date of that show was your 18th birthday (8/21/80?), and you remember exactly where you were that night. Hard to believe you forgot to mention that!

"The Other One" was pretty intense, and it was also cool to hear some of those "Go to Heaven" tunes. Not sure whether it was better than Westbury - that was a '73 set? For some reason, I don't remember it very well.

BeadGrateful Barb said...

Great show last night. Set list was fantastic; venue and crowd was fun (even officer opie in the left aisle); DSO was really ON, sound, lights - all good and the time travel back 20 years to High School was priceless!
The final set was like a gift-wrapped present with your name on it, Loved it what can I say!

Barbara in NY "Dance like yer at a Dead Show"

CTmarathoner said...

sounds like a great show. Can't believe that Rob guessed the first song. Just an amazing coincidence that the show was on aug 21, 1980, and as Rob said, that you remembered where you were --I have no idea what I did on my 18th birthday!
Certainly was not at a Dead show:)

Shelly said...

Found your blog from DSO Forum. I was there, my first DSO show. I loved the whole scene! and the show was great (although I have nothing to compare it to). I was sitting (standing?!) way down front and I got some great photos with my little Canon. I posted them on my flickr page (there are slso some Derk Trucks Band photos from the week before).

Anonymous said...

Around my 21st birthday, I bought my first Dead album, "American Beauty" and followed with their double album, "Grateful Dead", great music and great album covers.