Wednesday, November 5, 2008

charlie engle finishes "running america" at champs in times square: photos

on monday morning (11/3) charlie engle finished his "running america" trek at champs, in times square, new york. this was charlie's follow up to his incredible adventure running across the sahara dessert. the movie, "run the sahara," had it's new york premiere just two weeks before his arrival. but charlie managed to join the premiere via a call-in from the road (he was in ohio at the time) to chat with the audience!

unfortunately, this adventure did not go as planned. charlie suffered a run ending an ankle injury on day 18 of the trans-america run. but his partner, marshall ulrich, would continue the journey - and would finish with the masters record. instead of ending his journey on day 18, charlie decided to bike bike the remaining distance to new york city!

read that amazing story on the running america blog.

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Kevin "pugger" Pugh said...

After sharing in the experience with Charlie for a stretch in Colorado, it's so great to see these pics! I wish I could've been there to see him (and Marshall too) finish this amazing journey. Thanks for posting these! You can read about my brief experience with Charlie on my blog at