Wednesday, November 5, 2008

marshall ulrich finishes run across america and sets masters record: photos

the emotional climax at the top of city hall steps!

last night at new york city hall marshall ulrich completed his trans-america run, documented on the running america site - and set both the masters and grand masters speed record in the process!

here is how it's described on the running america blog:

“At 7:10pm today Marshall finished his trans continental run. He broke the grand master’s as well as the master’s record. Marshall averaged 58 miles a day over the entire 3045 or so miles. That’s 58 miles every day for 52 and a half days. Equal to just over 116 marathons.

Marshall was especially honored to have Frank Giannino who still holds the world record for running across the country there at the finish. It was fantastic to have him there, he is great and he still holds a very solid and amazing record.”

frank, shane, and jim, waiting for marshall's arrival.

since city hall is directly across the street from my office and where i teach, i went over to watch him finish his amazing run. i met frank giannino (the current record holder: 46 days, 8 hours, and 36 minutes) and jim mccord, another trans-america finisher. they are amazing guys, and wanted to be there to congratulate marshall on his accomplishment.

marshall's daughter (right) waiting for his arrival.

arriving at city hall park.

even finishing a run across the u.s.a. doesn't exempt marshall
from a security check in this post-9/11 world!

frank and marshall

frank and marshall

now what?

time for a cigar!

jim, me, and frank

frank and todd.

in the "it's a very tiny world" catagory: while frank and i were talking, we discovered that we had a mutual friend - none other than todd! even more remarkable, todd was running down broadway with marshall as he covered the last few miles of his trek!

todd (2nd from right) and his new running buddies!

post-race milling around.

post-finish milling around.

read all the details of marshall's amazing journey at the running america blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey Frank,
Nice to meet you last night. It was a great event. Thanks for posting the pictures. I'll add your blog to my bookmarks list to check from time to time.

--Shane S.

CTmarathoner said...

what an amazing coincidence to see Todd 2 times in 3 days!!! --had forgotton that he was prez of the Orange county RR, so of course he knew of one of the runners. Cannot imagine putting forth the equiv.of 161 marathons back-to-back...

marathanna said...

Thanks so much for posting these photos, and for providing the link to them on Lisa Smith-Batchen's blog.

For those of us who have been glued to the Running America 08 blog, but couldn't be there for the finish, it's a treat to see your pictures.

-Anna Boldon

AnthonyP said...

Great that you were able to make it out to see Marshall finish !

Jim McCord said...

Hey Frank,

Great meeting you and everyone there for Marshall's finish. Hope to run into you again, maybe next year when the attempt is to be made again, by at least two other runners (thank God I'm not one of them!). See ya then!

Jim McCord

Heather Ulrich said...

Heather Ulrich here, Marshall's wife. THANKS for posting the news, and photos, of Marshall's finish in NYC. Could/would you send a CD of your photos to us as, if you can believe it!, I forgot our camera, and we actually do not have ANY photos of the finish (I was even more exhausted than I thought!?). E-mail me at if you would. THANKS!