Monday, November 17, 2008

giants beat ravens, 30-20 and dallas beats washington, 14-10!

for the last two weekends i've missed giant game kick-offs on t.v. - strangely enough, rob was the enabler for both those occasions :D last weekend we drove up to peekskill to see dark star orchestra recreated an awesome 1980 dead show. yesterday, i found myself at a 10k in hastings-on-hudson that i hadn't even heard of until rob mentioned it the day before!

so keeping up with the giants' game yesterday was a mcgyver-like combination of snippets of updates in hastings from andy (the race timer, and owner of westchester road runner), the car radio (driving to the lazy boy saloon, good enough for the giants final score), and the tail-end of the game at the bar (directly to the philly overtime). somehow i managed to get a decent fix of division excitement until i finally settled in for the dallas-washington game that night!

as for the giants - what a beautiful day. any day that ends with the giants a full 3 games into first place is beautiful. the giants rolled over the ravens (did someone forget to give the giants the memo that the ravens had the best defense against the run going into the game? allowing only 65.4 yards per game) - with 200+ rushing yards of offense.

still, the game wasn't the blow-out it seemed until the late third quarter interception killed the ravens' drive to narrow the 10 point deficit. those extra 7 points the giants put up, padding the their lead to 17, set up an anticlimactic 4th quarter. the giants iced the victory with a field goal, when the ravens defense solidified and kept them out of the end zone. but those saved 4 points were small consolation as the ravens 4 game win streak died, and the giants extended their win streak to 5 games!

the news for giants fans got even better when dallas, trailing for 3 quarters, finally took the lead 14-10 at rfk stadium, no less. they managed to squeak out a victory - thanks in large part to romo's return to the field - and keep their playoff hopes alive. dallas, at the expense of dropping the redskins 3 full games behind the giants, closed to within 3 games of first. with dallas and washington tied for second, and philly languishing in last place, maybe the giants will lock up first place sooner than we hoped :D

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